Wednesday, June 13, 2007

I Met Chip and Dale

I jus had the best lunchtime treat.

I was out for my daily walk, and in the neighbourhood my office is in, it's quite old with big, lush trees. I walked along and saw these two little brown blurs come towards me. They were two little squirrels chasing each other! They ran up one old oak tree and back down again. They ran to the next tree, up and down and all around. I heard their giggles, and their tiny claws scratching as they ran around and around the tree trunk. They were fascinating to watch! And their little giggles made me giggle. I named them Frank and Steve.

They were a children's book just waiting to be written. And the book would be way cuter than Chip or Dale.

Adoringly Yours,

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Glen said...

I was hoping for a little more "chippendales" than chip and dale, but it's a good story anyways.